Howdy! My name is Bonni Shaffer (left).
Jordan "Jo" Johnson (right) has been my best friend since elementary school.

When we were 8, we were on a Little League team together. When we were 18, our high school team took 2nd place at the Montana State Tournament. Now, we are 28 trying our best to get a bunch of ladies to be a part of The Missoula Women's Fastpitch League. 

With Jo's outstanding initiative and organizational skills, she took the reign and turned a dream of ours into a reality. She dedicates any moment of her free time to find new people, and create new ways to constantly grow our league. 

The great thing about our league is that we are from all over the state and have wide ranges of experience. There is a few of us that played in Little League together. Many of us played high school ball together, and some are familiar faces that we used to play. We have girls that have played collegiate ball and some have never swung a bat. The love of the game brings all of us back to the field. We have continued to grow just in the last summer. No matter if we met this summer or have been friends for years, we have genuinely bonded over the last summer. That's the ultimate goal of this league. We are here to continue to play the game we love and share that common ground with other girls.  

As someone that has grown up on the field, playing and watching many different teams including our Men's fastpitch team, it's an absolute dream come true that we have this league. We are united by grass, dirt, three bases, one pitching rubber and a plate. We wouldn't be anything without EVERY single person that has shown up or taken any interest. It's an amazing feeling to be behind home plate at Spurgin field looking out at a badass group of  ladies, all with the same goal. To be a part of something fun, new and exciting. 

We hope to see you out on the field with us! One Wednesday or them all! Come meet some wonderful women and "Let's Play Ball!" 


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